Pure Electric Lift

  1. Technical requirements and parameter indicators (customized):
  • Installed on medium and large SUV to carry the driving equipment.
  • Platform custom size:1385×970mm(length * width)
  • Lifting height 915mm,minimum ground height not less than 400mm,lifting weight 300Kg
  • Technical Parameters:


Item Classification

Technical Parameters


Specification Type



Platform Width



Platform Length



Lifting Power



Working Voltage

DC24V Power Supply


Dynamic Nature

Electric Motor Reducer (development)


Hand-Held Control



Emergency Manual Device



Cordless Remote Control




Vehicle Tailboard Rear Door Position


Equipment Materials

High Strength Steel Frame + Aluminum Alloy Platform + Side Rail


Curb Quality

Within 180kg

Note: Technical parameters are for reference only, some parameters will be adjusted in the production process

  1. Application Environment:

a)operating temperature:-43℃~+55℃,storage temperature:-45℃~+70℃;(military standard)

b)low air pressure (4500m above sea level):Test method is carried out according to the provisions of procedure I and Procedure II in GJB150.2A-2009;

c)relative humidity:95%±5%(30℃~60℃),test method is carried out according to GJB150.9A-2009;

d)vibration:Test method is carried out according to GJB150.16A-2009;

e)impact:Test method is carried out salt fog resistance and mold according to the provisions of test 5 in GJB150.18A-2009:Test method meets the requirements specified in GJB150.11A-2009 and GJB150.10A-2009:

  1. Reliable overall performance, beautiful appearance, reasonable installation, easy operation,The quality of the whole machine meets the requirements of relevant national and industry regulations;
  2. All exposed rotating parts (shaft parts) should be treated with reliable rust prevention,electrophoretic treatment of steel structure track components,aluminum alloy platform surface oxidation treatment;apply protective film before installation.

4、Reasonable and beautiful circuit layout, reliable connection and fixing;line sealing performance is good, static and working condition shall not have interference and extrusion phenomenon;the motor and transmission structure are dustproof and waterproof.

  1. The whole machine operates at a smooth lifting speed;
  2. Lifting tailboard power for fully electric structure design, set up with manual auxiliary device to ensure that when the electric drive system failure, the tailboard can still perform lifting and platform closing action.
  3. After the lifting tailboard is installed, the vehicle departure angle is ≥26°.

8、The lifting tailboard is powered by the chassis battery. Battery voltage meets DC24V, maximum current 150A.

  1. Annex I (Figure-1) shows the external dimensions of the tailboard and the location of the fixed mounting points;

10、The electrical system control switch assembly and wiring harness will be supplied by second party. Ensure system security, stability and reliability. With power supply safety main switch, up and down switch button, open and close with the lifting action semi-automatic realization, switch style selection is shown in Annex II (Figure-5, 6);

  1. The elevated tailboard aluminum platform is designed with guiding and non-slip devices as required; see annex II, figure 5.