Hydraulic tailboards and units

Product Technical Requirements:

1 Rear Lift Platform

1.1 Load capacity 1000kg, contact pressure ≥200kPa;

1.2 Platform folded and placed under the frame of the rear vehicle chassis; (not protruding from the frame)

1.3 Lifting platform ≤ 2400x1000mm (specific to customer requirements);

1.4 Vehicle departure angle of lifting platform >14° (chassis rear suspension       mm;

1.5 The lifting platform is set with hydraulic locking device (determine the interface size                     with Party A) to prevent shaking phenomenon;

1.6 Selection of high-strength steel production, as far as possible to reduce the total mass, and the total mass <300kg, lifting platform with non-slip function of the pattern plate;

1.7 The lifting platform is designed with two sets of electrical controls, with the main control set on the control box at the bottom of the carriage;the other set is set inside the box; the external control button box can achieve the purpose of independent control of the lifting platform.

1.8 The time to deploy or withdraw the elevated platform is not more than 15s.

2.Finished Product Technical Characteristics

2.1 The above technical program, the basic specification of the product size customized according to customer requirements, is the main technical basis for product manufacturing;

2.2 Product specification size (2400x1050mm); structure (sliding 1.5 ton folding lift); material (steel, optional aluminum alloy)

2.3 After the completion of the production of the whole machine, all parts are test assembly, no design defects; the structure of the joints smooth and fluent, the use of metal materials and small parts and mechanical stress structure is reasonable; after the final commissioning of the qualified, logistics packaging and shipment to the buyer.

2.4 The steel surface of the tailboard is sandblasted to Sa2.5.

2.5 The surface quality of the chassis weld should reach the second level, the weld should be straight and neat, the weld wave should be uniform, and the welding spatter should be removed after welding. Structural welding seam height ≥ 5-7 (mm).

2.6 The steel structure is sprayed with primer and topcoat in matte black color, and the thickness of the paint film is ≥80 um. The appearance of the paint should be flat and smooth, the color is even and consistent, there is no defects such as leakage of paint, hanging, etc., and the naked eye can not see the scars, traces of trimming, and obvious mechanical impurities.

2.7 This product is used in the emergency rescue project prototype, product structure, quality sellers should seriously fulfill the requirements, and strive to get a higher evaluation of the military; to help our company for the later orders signed to lay a good foundation.