Container Self-loading and Unloading Truck

Industry Product Development Background

In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s economy, based on the economy of all walks of life are also growing vigorously, logistics and transportation industry is also an important member of the continuous development.And the majority of consumers for the logistics requirements are also increasing, container door-to-door transportation mode is gradually recognized and respected.But at present the domestic container transportation industry is still by the low efficiency, high energy consumption of the transport mode of operation constraints, in order to solve the large railroad yards, comprehensive freight hub business expansion; our company by the public and railway industry customers commissioned the development of a new type of container hideaway with vehicles products;The new product can solve the container cycle sharing, reduce the efficiency of empty box transfer; enhance the multimodal transportation carrying capacity and articulation level;In the application of container transportation and multimodal transportation has played a positive role; container self-loading and unloading trucks by virtue of its flexible and fast characteristics, will occupy more and more market share;

Product Advantage Description

New Equipment for Multimodal Transportation Services

It is suitable for application scenarios in container transportation and intermodal transportation, especially for the domestic trade intermodal transportation system with 40/45-foot inland TEUs as carriers.Conforms to the port’s “direct ship-side pickup” and “direct loading on arrival” application models.At the same time, it also solves the bottleneck problem of the cost and timeliness of loading and unloading containers at the last station of intermodal transportation; it has a positive role in the development of railroad express transportation, and puts forth effort to promote the development of intermodal transportation of cold chain, hazardous chemical products, domestic mail express and so on.

Enhancement of multimodal transportation carrying capacity and connectivity;

Transportation that realizes the self-loading and unloading function of containers without changing the existing operating site and lifting conditions;

It can realize the whole box lifting operation and reduce the loading and unloading operation time; improve the transportation efficiency and even speed up the vehicle turnover speed;

Improvement of Multimodal Transportation Backbone Corridor Services

It can carry out multimodal transport of rail and road more effectively;save unpredictable costs, reduce logistics costs;

It is suitable for multimodal transportation of containers, and when changing containers between different modes of transportation, only the container body needs to be lifted and changed, which improves the operation efficiency, reduces the operation links, and reduces the loss of goods, thus reducing the cost of the whole logistics;

Improvement of Port Area, Park and Other Transportation System

Ensure the integrity of goods, improve the quality of freight transportation, reduce cargo losses and cargo discrepancies, safer and faster than the existing mode of transportation loading; enrich the multimodal transportation service vehicle products;

Innovative Multimodal Transport Organization Model

Compared with the existing mode of container transportation, it improves the connectivity between the logistics side and the customers, improves the efficiency of the use of railroad vehicles and reduces the transportation cost of the railroad; and improves the level of greening of technical equipment;

Product Presentation:

100 trailer chassis assembly  200 container crane assembly  300 container grab assembly  400 container rolling pallet

This model is mainly used for short-distance transportation of containers, and its main function is that it can load and unload standard containers by itself; it is applicable to all kinds of containers such as 40# and 45#, etc.; it solves the bottleneck of terminal service cost and timeliness;

This model mainly consists of container skeleton semi-trailer chassis, container crane assembly, container gripper assembly, container rear tilt stabilizer, rear stabilizer hydraulic support rollers, hydraulic distribution system, electrical control system and other components;

Product Features:

Safety protection: the whole machine tilting intelligent protection system, equipped with safety fastening device equipped with ABS-ASR-EBL leading international dynamic system heavy load long distance downhill insurance coefficient;

Stable and reliable: the whole vehicle can work for a long time without trouble, stable and reliable working performance; strong effort performance, safe and reliable, to meet the high-speed logistics transportation;

High-grade configuration: adopting international brand hydraulic parts, high power, low noise, reliable and durable hydraulic and electric parts;

Energy saving and environmental protection: optimal structural design, light weight, energy saving; high quality hydraulic seals to ensure no leakage in line with emission standards;


Beautiful and generous: advanced industrial styling design concept, the appearance of handsome struggling sense of fashion, luxury and stability, the whole vehicle structure is compact, reasonable layout, color painting bright;

This model is mainly used for short-distance transportation of containers, and its main function is that it can load and unload standard containers by itself; it is applicable to all kinds of containers such as 40# and 45# containers, etc.; it solves the bottleneck between the cost of terminal service and the timeliness;

1、Basic Technical Parameters


                  Crane Equipment Technical Parameters

集装箱吊机自重/ Tare Weight

约 4,200kg

approx. 4,200 kg

最大提升能力/ Max. Lifting capacities

32000kg(可选:40 吨)

32000kg(optional: 40 tons)


适用箱体长度/ Length of Container

12,191mm/ 40’(可选/ 45’:根据要求提供)

12,191mm/ 40’(optional/ 45′: available on request)

适用于 20ft / 40/45  ft ISO 集装箱标准箱和高箱 

Suitable for 20ft / 40/45 ft ISO standard and high cube containers.


箱体扭锁/ Twist Locks


4 个(选装 6 个) 

 4 (6 optional)



液压油箱/ Hydraulic Oil Tank


90 升油箱

90-liter fuel tank

液压泵/ Hydraulic Piston Pump

60L / min 意大利柱塞泵

60L / min Italian piston pump

液压工作压力/ Working Pressure



液压分配阀/ Hydraulic distribution valve


With manual and electro-hydraulic wireless control


两侧防侧倾稳定器/ Anti-roll stabilizer on both



液压油缸控制 Hydraulic cylinder control


可折叠后支撑辊轮/ Foldable rear support roller

用于后车架稳定和支撑For stabilization and support of the rear frame


吊机移动形式/ Crane mobile form

液压马达,链条传动   Hydraulic motor, chain drive

牵引力约 15,000kg           Traction force is about 15,000kg

自装卸时间/ Self loading and

unloading time


大约 3 分钟 About 3 minutes/per working cycle

控制方式/ control method

无线摇杆控制 Wireless rocker control


其它/ other


Quick connector and emergency electromagnetic safety device, etc.





      (40ft) Container Semi-Trailer Transportation Truck Specification

防抱死系统(ABS)/ Anti-lock brake system


Rated Quality

额定载质量/Rated quality


67200 磅(lb)

半挂鞍座质量/ Saddle quality


35000 磅(lb)

                           Weight and Ground Specific Pressure

整备质量/ Quality of preparation

9000(kg)(Includes tops)

20900 磅(lb)

总质量 / Total quality


88000 磅(lb)

轴荷分配/ Axle load distribution

24000 (kg)

53000 磅(lb) (tridem axle)

External Dimensions

整车长度/ Vehicle length

13375mm(40ft ISO container)


整车宽度/ Vehicle width



整车高度/ Vehicle height



底 盘 和 悬 架




车轴 Rear Axles

自制/ BPW / Fuwa

轴数(只)/ Number of axes

3 轴组


轴距/ axis base



轮距/ Wheel base


6′0″ / 6′0″ / 6′0″

前悬/ Front overhang



后悬/ Back overhang



悬挂/ suspension


Airbag suspension

制动系统 Brake System


Service brake:dual circuit compressed air brakeParking brake (emergen)

cy brake):spring energy,compressed air operating on rear wheels

电气系统 Electrical System

工作电压:24V,负极搭铁。Operating voltage:24V,negative grounded喇叭,大灯,雾灯,刹车灯,转向灯,倒车灯

horn,headlamps,fog lights,brake lights,indicators and reverse light

Tire Specification

轮胎数(个)Number of tires


轮胎规格 Tire specifications


This vehicle is modified on the basis of container skeleton semi-trailer, used for loading and unloading 40-foot containers.Total frame height at the towing pin 200mm.ABS manufacturer, model: Shanghai Wanjie Automotive Control System Co. Side protection material is Q235, bolt connection; rear protection material is 700L, welded, rear protection beam section size rectangular 100*80mm, ground height 500mm.