Built-in Passenger Elevator

This is a safe, reliable and comfortable passenger elevator, suitable for all kinds of high-end passenger vehicles installed in the use; special models customers can customize the elevator according to the width of the door;the whole machine has stable operation, reliable performance, simple operation and quiet operation;

Large number of applications with barrier-free equipment and scenarios

  1. Functional Statement
  2. The machine is a fully hydraulic electric control device elevator;
  3. Maximum lifting weight: 300Kg;self-weight≤154Kg
  4. DC12V or DC24V DC power source can be selected as the power source to power the hydraulic system; drive the elevator to work.
  5. The hydraulic system is equipped with a manual hydraulic pump, which has the emergency manual operation function under low voltage or fault condition.
  6. Hydraulic dual arm lift mechanical structure design to provide maximum operating comfort and stability;
  7. Keypad controller with imported spiral wire;high durability and reliability;
  8. Both the front and back edge of the platform are equipped with automatic protection flaps;
  9. The whole machine is made of high-strength metal sheet to achieve the lightest overall quality and high material strength;
  10. Exterior painting by electrophoretic primer process, exterior color to be determined(Manufacturer’s standard color: Wiki grey)

Customers who need to choose the color or type of paint can make a special offer, special paint will need to add the price difference;